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Trust can help you to go beyond the typical benefits of a will and help make things easier for your loved ones in the future. What can trusts do to give you better control over your estate planning? First of all, trusts allow you to keep your assets out of probate court. This ensures that your beneficiaries

How Trusts Assist You

Trusts also assist you to keep your estate planning out of probate. What happens in probate court with a will is a matter of public record. A trust keeps your estate private so that only your successor trustee and your heirs have to know your business. Trusts also give you flexible options for bequeathing your possessions. Here are a few examples.

Structuring Trusts in California

To put the benefits of this powerful form of estate planning to work for you, contact the experienced attorneys at Petrov Law Firm. We can help you consider your unique circumstances and form the types of trusts that will benefit your family and your estate the most. Don’t wait – get your estate plan in place now!

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