Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Your Personal Injury Attorneys in San Diego for Car Accidents

California is an at-fault state for car and other motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, any settlement will depend on proving what percent of the accident is the other driver’s fault. Don’t let an insurance company bully you into taking a payment that doesn’t even cover your medical expenses or lost wages because they claim you were partially at fault for the accident. Let the personal injury lawyers at Petrov Law Firm help you calculate the compensation you deserve. Then we can get to work on reminding the insurance company of what they legally own you.

What Types of Compensation May You Be Due Following a Car Accident?


Don’t Try to Deal With a Greedy Insurance Company Alone

No matter how kind the person you get on the phone may sound, every insurance company suddenly turns ugly when it comes time to part with money. These businesses make money by collecting premiums and then paying as little of that money as possible out in claims. Therefore, you need legal support if you want any chance of getting the compensation you truly deserve. After all, if push comes to shove, the insurance company won’t walk into a room without their corporate lawyers on hand. Let our experienced attorneys help you to level the playing field.

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